Some neat dog care tips from a book written in 1934; 

  • Treat your dog as an equal and be his pal rather than his master
  • The best way to ensure your dog’s obedience is to gain his confidence 
  • Use your imagination on your dog’s behalf 
  • Maybe you do not always convey your wishes and intentions as clearly as you imagine
  • Never loose your temper with your dog
  • You cannot control your dog if you cannot control yourself
  • Shouting confuses a dog and lessons your own authority
  • A dog is quick to read character, so show him the best side of yours
  • In your dealings with your dog, always be just 
  • To a dog, walks are the milestones of life
  • If you like your own bed to be clean and dry, see that your dog’s is equally so
  • Try to feed your dog with even more care than you feed yourself 
  • With your dog do not be penny wise and pound foolish 
  • If a veterinary surgeon is too much trouble or expense give your dog to someone who deserves to have him 
  • If your dog is on the other side of the road do not call him; the result is not an accident but murder 
  • If you cannot spare the time to exercise your dog properly, give him away 
  • "George" as a name can sound either affectionate or peremptory; but it is difficult to convey severity with a shout of "Cuthbert!" 
  • Should your dog be a nuisance to your neighbors, blame yourself and not the dog
  • A dog wears the same shirt all year round; therefore it must be well aired
  • A dog does not have to forgive you 
  • A dog and a man can learn much about each other in the course of a walk; but don’t let that frighten you - dogs can’t talk


The more I watch this show, the more I realize I’m probably going to be Phil Dunphy in about ten years


"Call 1-800-steemer. Stanley Steemer gets carpets cleaner!"



do you think the museum will accept this as a fossil


do you think the museum will accept this as a fossil



A hydra is a snake right? So basically Nick fury is trying to get hydra off the helicarrier right? Does that mean he’s trying to get those motherfucking snakes off his motherfucking plane?



I hope the degree of customization is very high.


Peter Q: Or sometimes we play monopoly.


The Real Achievements of Dragon Age Origins




Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0

I really appreciated all the little nods to Clint’s deafness in this issue. I’m glad other writers are acknowledging it and it’s not just a temporary thing in Fraction’s run. I also enjoy the fact that Wade apparently knows sign language.

Also deadpool has his mask up to expose his lips so Hawkeye can read his lips so he doesn’t have to sign everything

I love Deadpool so much, you guys. Love love him. Every time I find out something new about Deadpool, I love him more, because it’s always shit like this.

Deadpool is lovely.


I saw this post a while ago and yep that’s definitely something Clear would say.